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Astronaut Galaxy Projector

Astronaut Galaxy Projector

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Perfect for children and adults alike, this projector will "Transform any room into a stunning galaxy and celestial escape (without having to leave Earth)!" Give the gift of wonder and cosmic happiness with this unique and playful gadget. Let their dreams take flight!

Here are a few features:


  • Very cool design: The astronaut galaxy projector is designed with attention to detail,  capturing the essence of space exploration. The main body of the projector is shaped like an astronaut, with a sleek, space-helmet-shaped projector, which gives it a cool and quirky design that adds a unique touch to any room. It's not just a projector; it's your playful cosmic companion! 
  • Galaxy projector: Utilizing advanced projection technology, this device creates a mesmerizing cosmic display on walls and ceilings. This projector can simulate a variety of celestial scenes, including swirling galaxies, twinkling stars, and multicolored nebulas. The images are vivid and colorful, providing a captivating experience for anyone in the room.
  • Night Light Functionality: Beyond its cosmic projection capabilities, the astronaut galaxy projector doubles as a stylish night light. The gentle glow from the astronaut figure adds a subtle, calming ambiance to the room, making it an excellent addition to bedrooms, living rooms, or even home theaters. Let the soft glow of the night light guide you to a peaceful sleep as you drift off to another world.
  • Rocket powered remote: This rocket powered remote puts the universe at your fingertips! allowing you to turn off starry sky and nebula as well as control brightness and change light modes.  Need not to worry about your "Stellar Dream Friend" being on all night, you can also set a timer so it falls asleep when you do. This little wonder is not just a remote, its your passport to interstellar paradise!
  • 360-Degree Galactic Display: Immerse yourself completely in the cosmos as our projector casts awe-inspiring nebulas and stars in every direction. Whether you're relaxing alone or hosting a cosmic gathering, the entire room becomes your personal observatory.
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